Lets Count the Side Effects.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth taking my medication. There are pro’s and con’s to both sides I suppose, but neither side has enough pull to sway me. So I take the pills everyday and wonder if maybe I shouldn’t.

I am currently on 30mg Lexapro daily. The side effects are a killer.

For the first few months I would take them at around 9am, and at around 11am I would be so tired that I would fall asleep(1). When I told my GP he suggested I start taking them 2 hours before bed because I had been suffering insomnia for about 2 years. So I switched to taking them in the evening in hopes that I might be able to sleep through the night… NOPE! Now I still get tired and fall asleep shortly after taking the medication, but I only sleep for about and hour before I wake up because my mouth is so dry that I am almost choking(2). I am then awake for a few hours before I fall asleep again and the whole pattern plays out 3 or 4 time over the course of an evening.

I have always been a sufferer of headaches and migraines. But thanks to Lexapro my GP informs me that I can no longer take the only combination of drugs that would ease the pain for fear of a bad reaction(3). Not only that but I also experience more migraines than normal (4).

I was never the skinniest girl, but I was far from overweight. My wight usually sat at around 55kg. Since the start of the medication I have slowly stacked on the weight. I am now 76kg(5). I have never been this heavy in my life not even when I was pregnant. I have tried diet and exercise but nothing will help shake the weight.

Diminished sex drive(6). The side effect that, for me, is the worst of them all. Although I have a long time partner who understands, it is still a big problem. The GP calls it “diminished” but it is more like non existent.

So the count stands at 6! And these are just the major side effects. I could probably go on to name at least 5 more minor ones.

Let me know about your side effects and if you have any ways to lessen them or there impact.


3 responses to “Lets Count the Side Effects.

  1. hey, I know what you mean about nasty side effects. It seems with every new medication I try, I get lucky and don’t have too many bad side effects. But I know that Zoloft made me want to shoot my brains out, and i think that’s the worst side effect ive had to date. other than that, nothing too horrible. I know with many of these antidepressants, if the side effects don’t go away with in 4-6 weeks, you can tell your doctor you want to switch. the only downside to switching, you have to restart the recovery process. I wish you the best of luck! i will keep up to date on your posts, hopefully to hear some good news soon 🙂

    • Thank you for your thoughts. I have made 2 appointments this week to see my GP about a change in meds but have cancelled them both. I don’t like the thought of having to start again but I will have to deal with it soon.

      • i wish you the best of luck. and im not one of those assholes who is going to tell you to “be patient.” fuck no, go get better!

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