Therapy… I’m doing it wrong!

I have just returned from my appointment with my therapist. I am more on edge now than I was before I went. It happens every single time. Surely she has better things to do than to watch me pick at my nails, stare at my shoes and feel extremely uncomfortable for an hour. 

I thought I would share with you a (sort of) transcript of today’s session so you could see what I mean.

Enter room sit down

Therapist : So how have you been?

Me : Fine and you?

Therapist : Good thanks, and how has your anxiety been since our last session?

Me : Pretty average

Therapist : And your mood? Have you been experiencing more or less depression?

Me : About the same

Stare at my shoes…. Pick at my nails… 10 minutes pass

Therapist : You seem anxious. Are you feeling anxious right now?

Me : Yep

Look awkwardly around the room, don’t make eye contact.

Therapist : So how have things been in general?

Me : Pretty average.

Therapist : So not much going on? No more or less stress?

Me : Nah.

Pick at nails, prey for time to hurry up… 20 uncomfortable minutes pass

Therapist : So is there anything you wanted to talk about today?

Me : Nope.

Therapist types on her keyboard for what seems like a lifetime

Therapist : So if there was nothing else you wanted to talk about today I will make a new appointment for you for the same time next week?

Me : OK.


And that’s it. That conversation took place over a 45 minute period. 

I know I just need to nut up and tell her I don’t want to continue seeing her, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to do it. 


2 responses to “Therapy… I’m doing it wrong!

  1. that sounds painful!! you are definitely not an open book but a good therapist knows how to work with that, it’s all about asking the right questions and making a person feel at ease. it is possible to find a new therapist? i saw quite a few before i found one that clicked for me, there’s nothing wrong with ‘shopping’ , you don’t want to be wasting your time 🙂

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