Anything That Can Go Wrong…

Nothing seems to be going right today. From the moment my alarm went off till this very point.

I hit snooze to many times and my son was almost late for school. In the rush to get him ready I fell behind getting myself ready. I missed my bus, so I was late for my appointment. After my appointment I was so hypnotized watching a cop directing traffic that I didn’t see when my bus drove straight passed me and while I was out, one of my dogs went swimming in the kitchen bin so there was a huge mess to clean up. Now my phone wont charge. 

I know a bunch of worse stuff could have happened to me, but still I am having a pretty shit day. 

I would love a beer or two and to be able to just go to bed for the rest of the day but I have so many things I need to be doing right now. I think I might cry.


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