An Expensive Lesson

I recently spent the night in the watch house. The official charges where “obstruction and abuse of an officer” and “drunken disorderly”. What actually happened though, was way more messed up and it could have been a lot worse.

I had heard through the “friend vine” that one of my friends was in an abusive relationship. I reached out to her to hear it first hand. She came to my place for drinks and a chat and it turned out that it was true and her partner was just a giant asshole. 

As the night and the drinks flowed on she must have received 30 missed calls and a handful of text messages from her partner. Apparently he had some money for her and she had to come get it NOW! She arranged for him to meet her at the train station but I wouldn’t let her go alone. 

So we met him at the station. I kept my distance and let them talk. Then he grabbed her and started to push her. 

I snapped!

I separated them and stood in the middle. I was already full of rage that he would put his hands on her in front of me but I was holding it together. Then he thought it might be a good idea to make threats against her 8 year old son.


I went blank. All I remember after that is her crying and telling me the cops where there. I looked up to see the police coming our way. I looked down to the guy, bloodied and crying under me. 

The next thing I knew I was being put in the back of a police car and he was being put into an ambulance. I had blood all over me but I didn’t seem to be hurt other than a sore and swollen right hand.

So I spend a very uncomfortable night in a cell and ended up with a $330 fine that I couldn’t afford. But I thought if it got rid of this asshole and my friend and her kids where safe then it was worth it. 

That all happened about 3 months ago. But it seems that it was just a very expensive lesson for me because she has now taken him back. She has let him back into her life, her home and the lives of her children. 

What can you do when they wont help themselves.


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