I think I need a hobby

I think I need a hobby.

People still have those right?

I think I need something that I can dedicate my time to. Something that will keep my hands and my mind busy. The problem is … I don’t really like anything.

I liked drinking, and I was really good at it, but I am told that was not a hobby.

I like music, but not enough to want to make it. I have zero artistic ability in terms of painting or sculpting. I do not like being outside because of the sunlight and my very pale skin, so that rules out gardening or some type of sport. I am a pretty good cook, but I don’t see that as a hobby, its just a way to feed my family.

I don’t really know what is left.

I like to write. But I cant make 50+ blog posts everyday. I started writing a novel once but got bored after about 5 thousand words and just gave up.

What hobby’s / activities do you participate in ? Are they time consuming? Do they require any special skills?


3 responses to “I think I need a hobby

  1. I’m exactly the same! I want something productive to do in my spare time, to learn something new maybe, but I’m not interested in anything, nothing appeals to me.

  2. Have you tried teaching yourself to do something? I taught myself how to crochet out of sheer boredom and now I’m like really good at it and proud of mastering it. Now I’m trying to master the hula-hoop. It was that or juggling 🙂

    Sometimes everything looks blah and uninteresting. Plus, I tend to shoot ideas down before I even give them a try. What seems to work for me is to look for one small thing that doesn’t require much effort, and let momentum do the rest. A suggestion would be a walk through the neighborhood and taking pictures to share on this blog.

    I hope I’m helping. You could also blog-hop and get inspiration from what other bloggers are doing 🙂

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