A little about me

I am 33 year old female and about 2 years ago I was diagnosed with G.A.D (General anxiety disorder), Depression and O.C.D (Obsessive compulsive disorder). Although I have had symptoms all my life, it wasn’t until about 6 years ago that they started getting the better of me. I was unable to be in crowds without having a panic attack and simple things like turning on a light switch would cause me great distress.

The reason it took me so long to see my doctor about these symptoms was partially because I was scared he would tell me I was crazy, which I already knew, and partially because I had absolutely no motivation at that time in my life as a result of my depression. Just getting out of bed was enough to make me want to climb right back in and sleep my life away.

Since my diagnosis I have made some improvements to the way I think and behave, but most days I still struggle. I have been prescribed Anti-depressants, but I don’t think they are the cause of my behavior modification. I think just knowing what my problems are and that I am taking steps to better myself has helped to put my head in a slightly better place.

With the help of my doctor and my loved ones, I aim to keep moving forward in my pursuit to conquer my issues.