I think I need a hobby

I think I need a hobby.

People still have those right?

I think I need something that I can dedicate my time to. Something that will keep my hands and my mind busy. The problem is … I don’t really like anything.

I liked drinking, and I was really good at it, but I am told that was not a hobby.

I like music, but not enough to want to make it. I have zero artistic ability in terms of painting or sculpting. I do not like being outside because of the sunlight and my very pale skin, so that rules out gardening or some type of sport. I am a pretty good cook, but I don’t see that as a hobby, its just a way to feed my family.

I don’t really know what is left.

I like to write. But I cant make 50+ blog posts everyday. I started writing a novel once but got bored after about 5 thousand words and just gave up.

What hobby’s / activities do you participate in ? Are they time consuming? Do they require any special skills?



I have recently gotten myself into a situation that will soon force me into confrontation. I hate confrontation!

I have allowed my partners brother to stay with us “for a day or two”, till he finds somewhere else to live… Now this would be fine if he was actually looking for a place to live instead of playing video games and surfing dating websites all day.

His day or two is up today! I want him out!

Here’s the problem. If I tell him straight up that I want him out my partner will be mad and if I tell my partner that he has to tell him to go he is gonna puss out and it wont get done for another two days.