Citizens of Earth! I have a message to bring you!

There is a new threat that we all must face in these uncertain times. I myself have fallen victim to this ever present danger and had my world thrown into turmoil.

We must stand together and help spread the word of caution and vigilance. I know that together we can ensure that others don’t fall victim as well.

This devious deception is nothing but a cheap attempt at turning people towards the wrong choice without it being a conscious decision.

But today, today we shall stand tall, stand proud and say “No!” No to Red Bull Zero! We shall demand it be kept on a different shelf and we will make the Red Bull fridge a friendly and uncomplicated place once more.

So I say to you, citizens of Earth, be aware, be informed and most of all, be cautious when making your morning beverage choice because Red Bull Zero is out there and its only mission is to destroy your day.


Ode to my Couch Cushions

You are sneaky, it is true

But I love the things you do.

It’s the deception that you show

so that no one even knows

the longer that they stay

the more you take away.

You’ve collected all their change

so my mood can rearrange.


Ok so I am by no means a poet but I felt they needed a little recognition for there part in me now being able to afford my meds.